Sanyo heating systems

Energy efficient air to water heat pump technology
  • Features
    • Supplies abundant space heating and hot tap water
    • Environmentally friendly with CO2 natural refrigerant
    • Choice of 4.5kW and new high capacity 9.0kW systems
Product description

When you are looking for a new boiler to meet your hot water and central heating needs there are many factors to take into consideration.

With the CO2 ECO Heating System from SANYO you can enjoy low cost heating with low emissions. What’s more it is easy to install, practically maintenance free and can be used with most standard domestic systems.

For economical domestic heating that won’t cost the earth, SANYO’s CO2 ECO Heating System heat pump is the natural choice.

CO2 ECO Heating System is good for your home, your pocket and the environment. 

  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to gas and oil
  • Provides hot water and central heating via radiators or under floor
  • Free energy from a renewable source
  • High efficiency - low running costs
  • Proven technology
  • Easy to instal
  • High water temperatures
  • Reliable
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low carbon emissions

The SANYO Advantage

Unlike other heat pump systems which use a group of environmentally harmful gases called Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs and HCFCs), SANYO’s solution is to use R744 as its refrigerant, which is carbon dioxide (CO2), an entirely natural and non-toxic gas that is sealed within the system.

Performs even in temperatures as low as -25ºC

An outdoor unit with HFC refrigirant normally operates in temperatures of down to around-10ºC. Below this temperature range, they mostly rely on a built-in electric heater to take over. Since electric heaters have a low COP of around 1, the result is a significant drop in overall system efficiency. The CO2 ECO Heating System heat pump with its CO2 refrigerant can operate even in temperatures as low as -25ºC.


Heat pump outlet maximum hot water temperature up to 65ºC

CO2 refrigerant also allows higher working temperatures compared to HFC heat pumps. Whereas other manufacturers' heat pumps can provide warm water to 45-50ºC they require an electric booster heater to increase the temperature to meet hot water needs.


 Maximum working temperature

SANYO’s CO2 heat pump can achieve temperatures of 65ºC, ideal for domestic hot water. This temperature is also high enough to remove the risk of legionella. Other systems can only achieve this by using the electric back up automatically every few days.

Easy to control

The CO2 ECO Heating System controls are intuitive and easy to operate. They allow you to determine your preferred hot water temperature and create your ideal indoor environment. The 7-day week program means you can adapt your space heating and hot water to reflect whether you are out at work or relaxing at home.

Low installation & running costs

The CO2 ECO Heating System is simple to install and increased efficiency means investment payback can be realised within the following years. It is compatible with all standard radiators and under floor heating systems so there is no need to replace anything but your existing boiler.

Around three quarters of an average household’s power consumption is taken by water and space heating. Because the CO2 ECO Heating System heat pump boiler is highly efficient and takes two thirds of its energy consumption free from the air, you can look forward to greatly reduced fuel bills.

Low maintenance 

The CO2 ECO Heating System Heat Pump does not require any of the annual safety inspections and regular maintenance required for gas and oil boilers making this an extremely convenient and low cost option.

Uniquely flexible

CO2 ECO Heating System only uses water and electricity to operate so it is ideal for properties that are not connected to the mains gas supply. With a choice between 4.5 and 9.0kW capacity models and a single or 3-phase power supply, it is uniquely flexible to meet the needs of homes and small commercial properties alike.


CO2 ECO Heating System - An Overview

  Outdoor Unit

The heart of SANYO’s CO2 ECO Heating System lies in the compact heat pump unit. Situated on an exterior wall it is extremely simple to install and benefits from quiet operation.

Using only a small amount of electric power it takes around two thirds of its energy from the atmosphere. Even at ambient temperatures as low as –25ºC enough heat is absorbed by the liquid CO2 refrigerant to cause it to evaporate.

The CO2 gas is then pressurised in a compressor causing its temperature to rise. This heat then transfers to water from the main supply and the CO2 cools and condenses back to its liquid state then passes through an expansion valve and regains normal pressure ready to pass through the system again.

  Tank unit

The CO2 Eco Tank Unit is a highly sophisticated hot water management system that simultaneously provides water at different temperatures for domestic hot water, radiator heating and under floor heating. It houses two electrical heaters of which one is for standar use and one for emergency cases (outdoor temperature drops below -25 degrees or there is an unusually high demand for hot water. In emergency situations, this heater can even operate independently from the Heat Pump)

Radiators and under floor heating

Just like any other water heating system, CO2 ECO Heating System connects to standard radiator fittings and under floor heating pipes to provide space heating. You can enjoy superb comfort all year round.

Hot water  
The SANYO CO2 ECO Heating System provides you with abundant hot water and, unlike heat pump systems from other manufacturers that use HFC refrigerants, it has a high working temperature of 65ºC. This is sufficient to achieve the temperatures you need for showers and baths.

Control system  

The room sensor continually sends information back to the control system on the tank unit. The 7-day timer allows you to adapt your hot water and space heating to suit the rhythm of your life, while simple override functions allow you to turn it on or off and make it warmer or cooler so you can always enjoy maximum comfort.

Simple Installation

The CO2 ECO Heating Domestic System is easy to install consisting of a single 4.5kW or 9.0kW capacity outdoor heat pump unit and an indoor unit tank. The system connects to all standard radiators and under floor heating systems.

The units are self-contained and require only water and electricity connections. To fit the CO2 ECO Heating System the installer needs to be trained in the design and installation of domestic hot water systems. Training and advice for installers is available from all SANYO distributors.

Because the system is sealed there is no handling of refrigerant so no refrigerant handling certificate is required.

The SANYO CO2 Eco is easy to service with easy access to electrical components, and good fault tracing functions in the operating program.

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